Gold Medal at World Whiskies Awards!

We were absolutely delighted last week when the results from World Whiskies Awards 2024 were unveiled - 1 Gold and 2 Silver Medals! The Gold was awarded for Single Cask #9 in the Young Spirits category. 

Our New Make Spirit has won Silver two years in a row and another bottle of Young Spirit was awarded with an additional Silver Medal too. 
We are super proud to have our spirits performing well in blind tastings when up against some of the best distilleries in the world! You can find out more details about the award winning bottles here

Information about our next release

We have not yet set a date for our next release (Batch Two) but tentatively we are looking at September. To stay up to date, make sure that you subscribe to our newsletter.

Very small and very old school

We are proudly small and our whisky making is similar to what would have been the norm in the early 1800’s. The barley is locally grown. We floor malt everything ourselves in our distillery. The stills are direct fired and our condensers are good old worm tubs. Maturation is done on site. All this means that our production is very limited but it will be whisky that is most definitely a representation of our beautiful Isle of Man environment.

  • The Barley

    Our barley is grown on the Island and we get it directly from the farmer. The strain we are working with at the moment is Planet. We are also running trials to bulk up heritage varieties but so far with limited success.

  • The Malt

    We malt the barley on the floor in our distillery. While this may sound somewhat strange it is fact the traditional way of doing it and it is still practised at some traditional distilleries. One such example is Springbank who do not use any externally malted grains. All our regular releases are made with our own in house malted grains.

  • The Water

    We have no legendary source of water where ancient Celtic tribes have buried their treasures over the centuries giving rise to mythical whisky making properties. We use the excellent tap water of the Isle of Man.

  • The Peat

    Our whisky is not peated. We will explore other ways of creating smoky layers in our whisky. One of those is to use casks that have previously held peated whisky which will affect the flavour of our spirit too. We have other ideas too and will let you know once we put them into practise!

  • The Yeast

    We are yeast nerds and use multiple yeasts in our fermentation. The main fermenters usually have a combination of a distillers yeast blended with a brewers yeast. We often have a small side fermentation where we use wild yeasts that we have propagated which provides additional complexity and texture. It will be clearly specified in the bottling notes that will be published on the site what we have used in each particular batch.

  • The Casks

    If there ever were large oak forests on the Isle of Man they were cut down at least a millennium ago and since we cannot do without we have to import these. We work with a variety of sizes and types such as firkins, barrels and hogsheads that have previously held bourbon, various types of sherry and wine. As with the yeast it will be clearly stated what has been used with each bottling.

About us

Manx Whisky Company was founded in 2019 by Magnus Grinneback and Scott Young who wanted to create a small whisky distillery making whisky the traditional way using local raw materials.

The first cask was filled in December, 2020 and our Batch One was released in December 2023